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The Information Technology Department serves the Setmil Group through a series of Services that includes integrating of computer systems, coordinating and providing training, negotiating and managing information technology contracts, as well as extending technology assistance and support.

The department provides the technological know-how that enables Setmil Group employees to access vital information using the most efficient and cost effective system - hardware and software. The IT department adopts and introduces the latest in technology to the group and ensures continuous service to staff and principals with “ZERO” down time without interruption of day-to-day work.

The department is dedicated to providing quality service through teamwork, partnerships, and via developing team and individual strengths.

Services and Features of Department

Provision and maintenance of
  • A secure, reliable, and effective Information Technology Infrastructure.

  • Effective business applications, which meets the group business needs.

  • Cost effective telecommunication services to all companies under Setmil Group and it tenants.

Assisting the purchase, installation and management of over 150 personal computers and servers of Setmil Group and its remote offices.

Contributing expertise in Business Analysis and Business System Design.

Consulting support services of Setmil Group and its principals.

Monitoring of the Disaster Recovery Management System.
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